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Can Facebook Ads Work For Your Business?

Lots of people always ask me about Facebook ads for their business - do they work, do they not work? Here's my answer...

The targeting possibilities of Facebook ads are out of this world. When you understand them, they can be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy. Let me give you one example. One of our clients at Wide Variety Media is a sports bar in Dublin. There was a popular pop act coming to play in the city and we decided to create an event that ''piggy backed'' on the back of this concert. Our marketing efforts to promote the event was 99% Facebook ads, we didn't really use anything else. Using a spend of just a few hundred euros, we made over €20,000+ and that is the power of Facebook ads.

If you've tried Facebook ads and you haven't gotten successful results yet (they don't have to be as successful as the above campaign) there is only a few reasons why this could be:

1. You have a product or service that people do not want (unlikely),

2. You did not spend enough money on the ad(s).

3. You don't know how to create the ad campaign(s) correctly.

If you want to run successful Facebook ads you have two options:

1. Spend 200+ hours learning how to run them.

2. Hire a company who can do it for you and free up your time.

Whatever option you choose, just know that they do work and they can work for you. Wishing you lots of success with your future campaigns.

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