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How To Get Attention For Your Business

When seeking publicity for your business or yourself, there is a common mistake that a lot of people make. The majority of their posts or things that they talk about are ''buy my t shirt'' ''buy my coffee'' or buy whatever it is that they are selling. But everyone else is doing that and it gets old really quickly, so what happens when you take a different approach? Let's find out.

As one of my mentors says, in a social media environment it is far better if you become the tv show and not the commercial. How do you do that you might ask? It's simple. Story tell, bring value, start a vlog or a podcast and make content that is not all just about selling.

Another way to get attention for your business is to do something outrageous, something unheard of! Just like the time I pledged to give away my Mercedes Benz if I reached x amount of followers in 30 days. Isn't something like this much more interesting and attractive to gain you publicity as opposed to a photo of whatever you have for sale? You need to do something unique and outrageous. My car story got widespread national media attention but that would not have happened if I was giving away a doughnut.

Remember this: People are on social media to either be informed or entertained. If you are not doing either or both of these things then you are missing an opportunity. Ask yourself the question, what outrageous thing could you do this week that might just cause a media storm for you?

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