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How To Grow Your Audience on Social Media

If you want to grow your audience on social media there is a few ways to do it but there is one key thing you need to remember. Ask yourself, what is in it for the person who you want to follow you?


Keeping the one key thing in mind, this is why competitions and giveaways work so well on social media, there is a clear benefit to the consumer. If you are not familiar with social media competitions let me explain, a prize is usually offered, the higher the perceived value of this prize the better chance of your competition post performing well. In the competition post details there is usually 3 steps the person needs to follow to enter the competition -

1. Like/follow your account

2. Tag 2+ Friends

3. Share the post or add to their story

The above format is simple and effective. Not only can it grow your audience, it can also bring you massive awareness. Lets take a look at some of the results I received following this strategy for the Martin Eastwood Game Show:


123,891 people reached

60,390 engagements

27,000+ comments

& quite a few new followers!

Paid Ads

Of course competitions are not the only way to grow your audience. If you have a marketing budget, you can also run paid ads. The targeting possibilities are so incredible on Facebook ads, you can get very specific with who you want to put your ad in front of. With the current capabilities and cost of Facebook ads, you would be mad not to do them in my opinion.

This is just 2 ways to grow, there is plenty more. But remember the key principle, always keep in mind what is in it for the other person and you will win 😉

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