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Website Hack to increase your sales!

It's something that takes just minutes to put in place but when you do it, it will be a tool that brings you new sales all year long.

What do you want from your website visitors?

I've written this tip for those who run non e-commerce business websites, aka websites with no shopping cart. If you run one of these websites where you are showcasing your products or services, ask yourself what do you want your website visitor to do? Chances are, you want them to turn into a lead, that you can then convert into a sale. And if this is the case then there is an easy and effective way to do this.

Let me explain

Most website will have phone numbers, email addresses, chat boxes etc somewhere on their website. Sometimes this information is not even in plain site and it can become a difficult task for your customer to find out how to contact you. TIP: Make it easy for them, and you will turn your website into a lead magnet. One way of achieving this is to install a lead form on your website and/or product pages. What is a lead form? A lead form is a short form that your website visitor fills in with their contact information and once they do, this is immediately emailed to you and BOOM you have a lead that you can follow up with right away. This is what it looks like:

This accomplishes 3 things: 1. Removes the confusion for your website visitor 2. Makes it clear and easy for them to make an enquiry 3. Creates a lead system for your business that will run 24/7, 365.

This can blow up your sales, use it.

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